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Monday, April 10, 2006

What part of "illegal" is unclear?

This is, obviously related to the marches that have taken place all across America over the past few days regarding undocumented or illegal immigrants demanding full protection under our laws and full access to our services and systems. Those spokespeople and banners and signs that I have seen on the 'net or television all claim that they are not criminals, just hard working honest folks that want to work in the US to support their families. Everything I've seen says there are something in the neighborhood of 11 million illegal immigrants living and working in the US.

So here's my question- if our country's immigration laws can be ignored as inconvenient to those that want to work here, what other US laws could 11 million folks ignore without reprisal?

Could 11 million of us stop paying our taxes?
Stop paying for licensing fees for our vehicles?
Set our own speed limits?

What else could we ignore? If as a group of 11 million we picked and chose a law or two that we considered inconvenient and then flaunted our criminal behavior by publicizing it nationwide, would that be ok?

Somebody explain the difference to me, please...

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